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Why not more like 100 or 120 Pokemon? I'm not talking bout mega evolutions, just the kalos Pokemon in this region and generation. Why only 69 Pokemon?

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Because the 3D is already epic, and they can't keep adding 150 Pokemon per generation. Game freak already has enough trouble with the graphics for the previous 649 Pokemon, another 150 and half of them would most likely quit their jobs. And mega evolution also puts in even more trouble, first with the awesome graphics during mega evolution, more for the looks afterward, and they have to work with the increase stats.
There are still more to come hidden in the codes in x and y. They will be available in the future
Hey! Who changed my answer to a comment?!?! That was totally uncalled for!
If that's the case, will we ever see new Pokemon triple digits again, or will Gamefreak start getting lazy and cheap, and give us less and less new Pokemon (as opposed to using fan Pokemon ideas), while adding more Mega evolutions (as opposed to actual ones) and trainer clothing as cop-outs? Is this the end?

If that's so, then we need Yo-Kai to released in America BADLY!
Gen 7....

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I decided to answer despite PM's comment with the idea that I can always convert this into a comment is PM wants me to.

There are four possible reasons behind GF’s logic in only creating 69 new Pokemon. First off is that they introduced a new type, fairy. Be limiting the amount of new Pokemon, and having a variety of fairy types to choose from, it almost guarantees that every player will have a fairy type and get to try it out. So reason 1: They wanted to promote the fairy type, and yet not have so many that the hype over fairy types dies down before the next Gen. The other reason is Mega-Evolutions. If we have 150 new Pokemon to choose from, then (same basic idea behind reason 1) people will be more likely to have a Mega-Evo on their team. Also by having the amount of Megas limited to only a few favorites, this causes people to become impatient for the next Gen to see if their favorite Pokemon will have a Mega.

There’s also a possible third reason. By having 69 new Pokemon, it allows them some leeway if they decide to go for a third game, like Pokemon Z. I know there are rumors but I have not been keeping up on them, but this is a definite possibility for the low number of 69 new Pokemon.

And the fourth possible reason is that GF simply didn’t have the imagination for 150 new Pokemon, so they created 69, and brought in some of the older Pokemon. I believe this reason has some validity because of the appearance of Caterpie, Weedle, and Pikachu in the first wild Pokemon route, which is in a forest, and very similar to FR/LG.

As for the actual number 69, well Game Freak is just trying to connect with the older players.

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Well you only want people to answer if they KNOW the answer. Problem with that is as of now, there is no answer.

If you'd like you can check out MunchingOrange, Marriland, and TheJWittz on YouTube, who all have videos on the theory of a new Pokemon game coming out within possibly a year or so that will be what some are calling a sub-gen 6. It will most likely include new Pokemon and a new region, but still be connected to Kalos, whether it's during gameplay or in postgame, you will be able to go to Kalos in this next game. Here are some major points that support this.

1)Lowest number of Pokemon ever released in a generation.
2)Kalos has had wars with "nearby regions". If you've looked into lore on Kalos, even ingame, you'll find a lot of evidence about this.
3) A backpacker in a hotel who is from another region, and says "You'll see it soon" or something like that.
4) In the mansion on route 7 (forgot the name), in the garden in the back, from an overhead view, three of the hedge areas look like Pokemon (vaguely), but one is un-identifiable (new Pokemon?)
5)There is an UNUSED station in Couriway town, possibly to travel to and from Kalos and this other region.
6) There are parts of the power plant that are 100% inaccessible.

So I'm pretty much like 90% sure there will be more Pokemon to come. It's something great to look forward to. Pokémon Z? X and Y squared? Something completely different? Who can say? All I know is our journeys in Kalos are not over yet.

XY squared lol