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Gen 1 Arcanine
Gen 2 Houndoom
Gen 3 Mightyena
Gen 4 Riolu??
Gen 5 Lillipup
Gen 6 Furfrou
Gen 7 Rockruff

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Deciphering whether a Pokemon is based off a dog or not is fairly debatable, but here is the best list I can come up with:

Gen I

  • Growlithe & Arcanine
  • Vulpix & Ninetales (foxes are canines apparently)

Gen II

  • Snubbull & Granbull
  • Houndour & Houndoom
  • Smeargle apparently?
  • Entei, Suicune & Raikou


  • Poochyena & Mightyena
  • Electrike & Manectric
  • Absol (kinda)

Gen IV

  • Riolu & Lucario

Gen V

  • Lillipup, Herdier & Stoutland

Gen VI

  • Furfrou


  • Rockruff & Lycanroc

I've boldened the ones who I think are the dog Pokemon of that generation (i.e. common and cute Pokemon that eventually turn into beasts) but I guess that's a matter of personal opinion.

Feel free to comment any other suggestions to this list.

Hope I helped. :)
Source: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/21043/what-are-all-the-dog-based-pokemon (hi will)
Source: https://levelskip.com/rpgs/Dogs-of-the-Pokmon-Series

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I'd also like to think Vulpix & Ninetales are the second dog pokemon for gen 1. They're foxes, so technically canines. And they do kind of serve as each other's counterpart since Arcanine to exclusive to Red as Ninetales is to Blue. (I think.)