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He calls Ilima, a male, a "dreamboat". There is also something in his anime in his debut episode but I forget what it is. It's probably nothing, but I've just been thinking about Rotom Dex a lot.

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I view Rotom-Dex as a male and Ilima as a female...
Ilima is definitely male, RotomDex has no gender because Rotoms are genderless and PokéDexes are genderless

RotomDex has male voice actors though, so I'd say it makes more sense that RotomDex is "male" rather than female
OMG, I thought Ilima was a girl! Worse yet, I was fanboying. ._.
llima confused me as well
~are you a boy? or are you a girl?
-professor oak

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The Rotom-Dex is genderless, as Rotom itself is genderless and is connected to a machine, and machines like the pokedex do not have a gender.

P.S: I do not want to argue about this, I'm just stating facts, so please refrain from commenting how you're triggered by me stating fact.

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