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I know/watched the Pokemon anime series and the Pokemon Generations series. But, are there any different Pokemon in anime and the games series? What is different between the anime and game series?

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@Fizz, I don't think Arcilion Gumich asked what Pokémon are different between anime and the games. I think he asked it for: what is different between the game series and the anime series? Like Ash appears there but not in the games. Maybe something like that?
That’s literally the exact same thing SYL
@EvilTwinNeedle™️, no it isn't. Fizz tought it was what different POKéMON were IN THE ANIME AND GAMES DIFFERENT. Not something like Ash and all your Pokémon couldn't go outside at once.
Agreed with SYL.
Either way it’s Arcilion Gumich’s fault for not being able to clearly express what he means, not Fizz.

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Ash has by far seen most Pokémon, maybe even all, but some were discontinued and only accessible through games, like Porygon, Porygon2, Porygon Z, and surfing Pikachu. Some Pokémon only accessible through the anime are Crystal Onix, Microphone Jigglypuff, and all the Pokemon with outfits, like Nurse Joy's Wigglytuff, not including Pikachu with Ash's hat. And also, there is Pokémon that are from neither, like Mewthree from the manga, and BETA designs.

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Let's not forget all the glorious plot armour Ash has in the anime
ash hasn't met porygon2 or porygon-z
Or Raikou
ash met raikou in the 20th movie "I Choose You!"