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So I just watched XY014 (Seeking Shelter from the Storm) and the old lady had died. Is this the first time that death has occurred in the anime?


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No, it is not the only mention of death in the anime.
Some (but probably not all) examples are:

  • Sir Aaron

  • Amber (the daughter of Dr. Fuji)

  • Captain (Former Orange Island Champion)

  • Cole

  • Conley

  • Damos

  • Dr. Fuji

  • Ghost of Maiden's Peak

  • Groudon (M06)
    >A manifestation of pure evil that had the appearance of a Groudon

  • Gym Leader

  • King of Pokelantis

  • King of the People of the Vale

  • Lacy

  • Latios (M05)

  • Lucario (M08)

  • Marcus & his soldiers

  • Queen Rin

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