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I just wondering because my birthday is coming up and I NEED it!
Thanks n_n

Why would you need it if you can watch it for free?

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Yes it's possible. I don't know where you can buy it, but according to bulbapedia Australlia had Pokemon BW Home releases. They came in collections but when the seasons ended:

There was a season 14 DigiPack (which contains all the episodes from BW) Bulbapedia

Then a season 15 DigiPack (contains all episodes from BW Rival Destinies) Bulbapedia

Also a season 16 DigiPack (contains all the episodes from BW: Adventures in Unova (And Beyond!) Bulbapedia

You can't buy the whole Black and White Series in one collection you'll have to buy them in 3 separate collections. I hope I helped.

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