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I know that a lucario dies in the movie"lucario and the mystery of mew".Have there been any other?

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Let's see... Lucario's trainer (can't remember his name), Latios, Ambertwo, Bulbasaurtwo, Charmandertwo, Squirtletwo, Dr. Yung, Dr. Fuji and all the other scientists that worked on Mewtwo, Lawnmower, Mirage Mew, Mirage Mewtwo, Hunter J and Cyrus all died properly.

Ash (x2), Pikachu, and Dariaki were all revived.

It's debatable if Spearow, Jessie, James, Brock, May, Max, Kidd, and Ash for a third time died, but if so all of them except Spearow were revived.

Source: http://listofdeaths.wikia.com/wiki/Pokemon and watching the anime myself. (Ambertwo, Charmandertwo, Bulbasuartwo and Squirtletwo weren't included in that list)

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Lucario and Sir Aaron (sacrificed themselves to save the Tree of Beginning, Mew, the Pokemon who live there, the kingdom, and to stop a war), Latios (sacrificed himself to save Alto Mare from being destroyed by a gigantic tidal wave and after saying goodbye to his sister Latias, he showed Ash and friends what heaven looks like and created a new Soul Dew with his soul concealed inside), Celebi (died after being turned back to normal by Sammy and Ash; he/she died in Ash's arms and the spirits of the past and future revived him/her after everyone cried), Mirage Mewtwo and the others, the lawnmower from Pikachu's Pika-boo, Ash (died at least three separate times; the third being unknown because nobody knows what happened to Ash and friends after the Tree of Beginning swallowed them). I don't know about anyone else.

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