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The anime is not based off of the game, are there any moves that don't appear in the games but do in the anime?

Extra credit: Do any Pokemon have illegal movesets in the anime?


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Yes there are a few:

  • Gust Counterattack (Pidgeotto)
  • Sludge Makeover (Koffing)
  • Rocket Punch (Pikachu)
  • Static Jolt (Pikachu)
  • Thunderspark (Pikachu)
  • Volt Tail (Pikachu)
  • Counter Shield (Pikachu)
  • Rage Tackle (Eevee)
  • Air Lens (Magmar)
  • Aerial Submission (Charizard)
  • Flaming Seismic Toss (Charizard)
  • Flaming Tackle (Flareon)
  • Thunder Armor (Pikachu)
  • Ice Aqua Jet (Buizel)
  • Counter Shield (Buizel, Infernape)


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