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I know that a TM and HM looks like a little disc and i started wondering, did a Pokemon trainer ever hold a TM/HM? If so can you please give me a picture.

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I saw a pokemon comic book and it had a TM.
He sad anime not comic book.

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it has not. I am positive the TM's
and Hm's are only for video games.so you will NOT see
it inthe anime.

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on anime some pokemon learn special moves.
ya should know.
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no, there aren't
I've watched lots and lots of animes since ho-oh first came out(1st episode)
but I couldn't see any tm/hm discs.
Also, Ash's pikachu learned iron tail which it can learn by tm, naturally.
I searched in bulbapedia for tm, but there was no category for anime

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