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I know that a TM and HM looks like a little disc and i started wondering, did a Pokemon trainer ever hold a TM/HM? If so can you please give me a picture.

I saw a pokemon comic book and it had a TM.
He sad anime not comic book.

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it has not. I am positive the TM's
and Hm's are only for video games.so you will NOT see
it inthe anime.

on anime some pokemon learn special moves.
ya should know.
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no, there aren't
I've watched lots and lots of animes since ho-oh first came out(1st episode)
but I couldn't see any tm/hm discs.
Also, Ash's pikachu learned iron tail which it can learn by tm, naturally.
I searched in bulbapedia for tm, but there was no category for anime

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I think he does, since some of his Pokémon will suddenly know moves that they didn’t show before, like his heracross learning sleep talk, hyper beam, and focus punch, or his pignite learning brick break, gliscor learning stone edge, charizard learning dragon tail, palpitoad learning sludge wave, etc. Its too much to just write these off as learning naturally. Heracross forgot focus punch and learned hyper beam during the sinnoh league, where it also showed that it learned focus punch and sleep talk.

He asked if they ever held one, not used one