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What Pokemon are regional for each region?

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Well I know Birds Regional Pokemon are Pidgy, Sparrow, Hootoot, tailow, pidove, and Fletching.

what are the regional rodents, snakes, bugs, and others

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Regional Birds-
Kanto: Pidgey
Johto: Hoothoot
Hoenn: Tailow
Sinnoh: Starly
Unova: Pidove
Kalos: Fletchling
Alola: Pikipek

Regional Rodents-
Kanto: Rattata
Johto: Sentret
Hoenn: Zigzagoon
Sinnoh: Bidoof
Unova: Patrat
Kalos: Bunnelby
Alola: Yungoos

Regional Bugs-
Kanto: Caterpie / Weedle
Johto: Ledyba
Hoenn: Wurmple
Sinnoh: Burmy
Unova: Sewaddle
Kalos: Scatterbug
Alola: Grubbin

Regional Pikachu Clone-
Kanto: Pikachu
Johto: Pichu
Hoenn: Plusle / Minun
Sinnoh: Pachirisu
Unova: Emolga
Kalos: Dedenne
Alola: Togedemaru

Regional Pseudo Legend-
Kanto: Dragonite
Johto: Tyranitar
Hoenn: Salamence / Metagross
Sinnoh: Garchomp
Unova: Hydreigon
Kalos: Goodra
Alola: Kommo-o

These are all of the ones I know, if I think of any more, I'll edit my Answer.

Hope I helped!

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im thought Sprraow was regional bird as well
Sentret and Zigzagoon are based on carnivores, not rodents. Spinarak is just as much of a regional bug as Ledyba is, as they have the same base stat totals, almost the same locations, and Ledyba isn't available in Gold.
are you going to do one for alola?
I'll edit the answer with that detail. We don't know the pseudo legendary yet, though my money's on Kommo-o for that one.
Kommo-o is the pseudo legendary for alola