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Well I know Birds Regional Pokemon are Pidgy, Sparrow, Hootoot, tailow, pidove, and Fletching.

what are the regional rodents, snakes, bugs, and others


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Regional Birds-
Kanto: Pidgey
Johto: Hoothoot
Hoenn: Taillow / Wingull
Sinnoh: Starly
Unova: Pidove
Kalos: Fletchling
Alola: Pikipek

Regional Rodents-
Kanto: Rattata
Johto: Sentret
Hoenn: Zigzagoon
Sinnoh: Bidoof
Unova: Patrat
Kalos: Bunnelby
Alola: Yungoos / Rattata

Regional Bugs-
Kanto: Caterpie / Weedle
Johto: Ledyba / Spinarak
Hoenn: Wurmple
Sinnoh: Kricketot
Unova: Sewaddle
Kalos: Scatterbug
Alola: Grubbin

Regional Pikachu Clone-
Kanto: Pikachu
Johto: Pichu
Hoenn: Plusle / Minun
Sinnoh: Pachirisu
Unova: Emolga
Kalos: Dedenne
Alola: Togedemaru

Regional Pseudo Legend-
Kanto: Dragonite
Johto: Tyranitar
Hoenn: Salamence / Metagross
Sinnoh: Garchomp
Unova: Hydreigon
Kalos: Goodra
Alola: Kommo-o

Regional Legendary-
Kanto: Mewtwo
Johto: Ho-Oh / Lugia
Hoenn: Kyogre / Groudon
Sinnoh: Dialga / Palkia
Unova: Reshiram / Zekrom
Kalos: Xerneas / Yveltal
Alola: Solgaleo / Lunala

These are all of the ones I know, if I think of any more, I'll edit my Answer.

Hope I helped!

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Just because another answer contains a speculation doesn't mean this answer has to contain the same one.
Why is the regional legendary for Hoenn Rayquaza and not Groudon/Kyogre?
Groudon's and Kyogre's bast stat total is a bit low.
The same argument goes for birds and rodents, lack of similarity or patterns etc. You're too focused on differences rather than similarities.
I just wanted to point out that this entire thread hasn't mentioned starters yet, but that might be too obvious to be worth mentioning.