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For example;
HP - Super Training with Large Bag
Atk - Horde of Wurmpull

These are not actual examples, they're probably false.

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It is what you want to do really, I find super training a good way to EV train because although it takes awhile it lets you get EVs with a minigame (which does get boring after a while). Otherwise you can just look at the EV training spots on this.

That has lots of info on EV training and it has good places to EV train in XY. You can choose how you want to EV train it doesn't really matter how you do it.

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Horde training is the best, quick and easy.
I know but I don't like doing horde training although you can also get shinies from it, also secret super training gives you items that you can sell:)
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hordes are way better then super training

In super training you get a maximum of 24 evs(defeat super training boss lvl 3 and large bag)

In hordes you get a maximum of 50 evs if each of them give +1 for each and not +2 like the floatzel horde.(horde,enchance item and pokerus)

The only way super training can be useful is to get items, train a LC team or that you just dont want to level up your team yet.

hordes location
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