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I want to know the best spots for EV training on my Emerald. Since I always EV train on my Soul Silver, I was thinking maybe Emerald has better spots or something.
Please specify each stat and spot, and thanks!

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Well, As Emerald is My Best Game:

SA: The Grass Next to the Volcano(I Forget its name). It's got Numels To Train SA

HP: Makuhitas in Granite Cave OR whismurs in Whishmur Cave

DEF: Granite Cave, Lower Floor, train On Arons

Speed: ANy Place with Zubats and Golbats, basically any cave...

SD: Baltoys in the desert OR Spoinks on the Volcano

Atk: Trapinchs in the desert OR ANy Place with Poochenyas/Mightyenas.

A better sa place us the rout with the ash in the grass where you find spinda(+1) & slugma(+1) & the occasionall skarmory(+2 defence). For sd fight tentacool almost anywhere you surf.
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Walking at Rusturf Tunnel: Whismur (1 EV)
Surfing at just about any freshwater pond: Marill (2 EVs)
Super rod at Dewford Town or Slateport City: Wailmer (1 EV)
Super rod at Meteor Falls any room that requires waterfall: Barboach (1 EV), Whiscash (2 EVs)
Super rod at Victory Road: Barboach (1 EV), Whiscash (2 EVs)
Walking at Desert Underpass: Ditto (1 EV if not transformed), Whismur (1 EV), Loudred (2 EVs)

Physical attack
Walking at Mt. Pyre 1F-3F: Shuppet (1 EV)
Super Rod at Petalburg City: Corphish (1 EV)
Super Rod at Route 118: Carvanha (1 EV), Sharpedo (2 EVs)

Physical defense
Walking at Magma Hideout: Geodude (1 EV), Graveler (2 EVs), Torkoal (2 EVs)

Special attack: There's unfortunately no good place for this in Emerald. The closest one I know is Route 113, with Slugma and Spinda, but there's still a small chance of encountering a Skarmory that doesn't give special attack EVs.

Special defense
Super rod at Abandoned Ship: Tentacool (1 EV), Tentacruel (2 EVs)

Any rod at Route 104: Magikarp (1 EV)
Walking at Seafloor Cavern: Zubat (1 EV), Golbat (2 EVs)
Surfing at Victory Road: Golbat (2 EVs)
Walking at Altering Cave: Zubat (1 EV)
Walking at Artisan Cave: Smeargle (1 EV)