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Sorry for not having logged on in ages, I haven't been on Pokemon in what feels like centuries.

Onto the point, now that I have more free time, I've recently began playing Emerald again and I was EV training my Trapinch. The problem is that It was holding a macho brace and battling a Shuppet when it got the Macho Brace knocked off and then he killed it with crunch, so would Trapinch get 1 Attack EV or 2?

Any and all answers apreciated :)


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No need to worry about losing your macho brace, since it is passive, or active at the end of the battle. In this case upon leveling up. Source: experience

Go with EV attack 2. You will get more faster! I am currently training up my Smeargle, Trollzy, when he was KOing Pokemon like Noctowl (2 HP) and Weepinbell (2 Attack), he gained more attack/HP. It's as simple as that.

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