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Can you guys help me, can you tell me the step by step process in ev training emerald? thankyouuu merry christmas?

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EV training guides can get extremely complex depending on how badly you want to win, but this is what I did for the Battle Frontier in Emerald.

1. Get a good Pokemon that you can EV train.
2. Feed it EV berries until it only has EVs in stats where you want it to have EVs.
3. Feed it vitamins in the right stats until you can't feed it those vitamins anymore.
4. Teach it high PP attacks and give it a macho brace.
5. Defeat a lot of wild Pokemon that give the EVs you want. I used these locations, but there might be better places that I forgot about. https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/20092/
6. Stop trying to raise a stat after you defeat a lot of wild Pokemon that give EVs in that stat and it only goes up by 0-2 when you level up.
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> EV training guides can get extremely complex depending on how badly you want to win

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The following guide contains information on EV training in Pokemon Emerald. It will tell you all the necessary items you will need and where to get them. This guide also covers how to calculate your gained EVs and the hotspots for EV training in certain stats.
Frequently Encountered Pokemon for EV Training

I don't like copy-pasting tables, so you should click on the source if you want to look at the table.

Macho Brace
The Macho Brace is an item that will make EV training slightly easier because it doubles the EVs you gain in battle.
Where do you find the Macho Brace?
The Macho Brace can be obtained from the Winstrate's House on Route 211 right above Mauville.
Pokerus is another handy tool in EV Training because it doubles the amount of EVs you gain in battle as well. The downside of Pokerus is that it is extremely hard to find.
How do you get the Pokerus
Pokerus can be found by battling wild Pokemon in the grass and capturing a wild Pokemon infected with Pokerus. When infected with Pokerus, there will be a purple "PKRS" sign in the status screen of the Pokemon. Pokerus will stay until the game's clock reaches midnight. Once the game hits midnight the Pokemon will be cleared of Pokerus and will no longer be able to infect others with it but it will still gain double the amount of EVs. Pokemon kept in the PC or Daycare with Pokerus will keep the infection as long as you do not withdraw them.
Secret Base EV Training
In Pokemon Emerald you can mix records with any other Pokemon Emerald, Ruby, or Sapphire game. Mixing records requires you to either have two of the above game cartridges and two Game Boy Advances, or know someone with them, which makes it a little harder to do. After mixing records, if you go to the location of your friend's Secret Base you mixed records with you can enter it. Inside will be an NPC and they will have the Pokemon party that your friend had at the time you mixed records. You can use this method by having your friend have a party of Pokemon who give 3 EVs in one stat, making EV training a lot easier and faster. Note that you need to have beaten the Elite Four for this to work and these battles can only be done once a day.
Ditto EV Training
In Pokemon Emerald, Ditto can be found in the Desert Underpass. Ditto can be used as a handy EV training tool and here is how. First you put the Pokemon you want EV trained in the first slot and a Pokemon who yields 3 EVs in the stat in which you're EV training in your party. Once you have encountered a Ditto switch to the Pokemon who yields 3 EVs, let Ditto transform into that Pokemon, and then KO the Ditto with the Pokemon you're EV training. The Pokemon you're EV Training has now gained 3 easy EVs.
All Possible EV Calculations
1 EV + Macho Brace = 2 EVs
1 EV + Pokerus = 2 EVs
1 EV + Macho Brace + Pokerus = 4 EVs
2 EVs + Macho Brace = 4 EVs
2 EVs + Pokerus = 4 EVs
2 EVs + Macho Brace + Pokerus = 8 EVs
3 EVs + Macho Brace = 6 EVs
3 EVs + Pokerus = 6 EVs
3 EVs + Macho Brace + Pokerus = 12 EVs

The table in that source is missing these locations that I think are good for EV training.
HP: Marill by surfing at Petalburg City, Wailmer by super rod at Dewford Town or Slateport City, Barboach and Whiscash by super rod at Meteor Falls or Victory Road
Physical Attack: Carvanha and Sharpedo by super rod at Route 118
Speed: Magikarp by any rod on Route 104, Zubat by walking in Altering Cave, Zubat and Golbat by walking in Seafloor Cavern, Smeargle by walking in cave at Artisan Cave, Golbat by surfing at Victory Road B2F

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Not nearly as much text as this. https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/243947/