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Should you EV train a Pokemon from Lv one, and use XP candies to get it to Lv 100 once you're done training? Or should you get to Lv 100 regularly, use EV reducing berries, and then EV train? Are items or grinding better, since SwSh has no Super Training or Horde Battles?


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In my opinion, starting fresh from level 1 is always easier if you want to EV train a Pokémon with a certain ability and nature you desire. Using EV reducing berries on a non EV trained level 100 Pokémon, should only be used if the Pokémon obtained has the perfect nature and ability, or accidentally raised a wrong stat, or is a shiny. Battling wild Pokémon also grants certain EV’s when fainted.

You can use the following to raise a Pokémon’s EV’s:

Fainting Pokémon
(Grants one EV per Pokémon fainted)

  • Skwovet: HP
  • Chewtle: attack
  • Gastly: special attack
  • Rolycoly: defense
  • Gossifleur: special defense
  • Rookidee: speed

(Provides 10 EV’s per vitamin used)

  • HP Up: HP
  • Protein: attack
  • Calcium: special attack
  • Iron: defense
  • Zinc: special defense
  • Carbos: speed

(Grants 1 EV per wing used)

  • Health Wing: HP
  • Muscle Wing: attack
  • Genius Wing: special attack
  • Resist Wing: defense
  • Clever Wing: special defense
  • Swift Wing: speed

EV training using jobs
(After reaching Hammerlocke, you’ll unlock a new set of jobs)

  • A little while: 1 hour (4 EVs)
  • Very short: 2 hours (8 EVs)
  • Short: 3 hours (12 EVs)
  • Long: 4 hours (16 EVs)
  • Very long: 8 hours (32 EVs)
  • Half day: 12 hours (48 EVs)
  • Whole day: 24 hours (96 EVs)

Power Items
(Gives 8 extra EV’s when holding the item)

  • Power Weight: HP
  • Power Bracer: attack
  • Power Lens: special attack
  • Power Belt: defense
  • Power Band: special defense
  • Power Anklet: speed

You can use the following to lower EV’s by 10 points each:

EV Reducing Berries

  • Pomeg Berry: lowers HP
  • Kelpsy Berry: lowers attack
  • Hondew Berry: lowers special attack
  • Qualot Berry: lowers defense
  • Grepa Berry: lowers special defense
  • Tamato Berry: lowers speed


I hope this helps!

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You should also add the best wild Pokemon to fight over and over to get EVs
Of course! Thanks for asking.
In the Isle of Armor if you upgrade the Dojo, you can get vitamins for a super cheap price.
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Ok so, there is a new feature that are seminars you can enter your Pokémon into, and they work just like regular Poké Jobs, and they are accessible in Hammerlocke. 1 hour = 4 EVs. So you can max out a stat in 63 hours, I believe (252 ÷ 4?). This is a bit inefficient, but you can cut the time with Pokerus and Power items.

If you don’t want to do this, you can knock out wild Pokémon for EVs or use Vitamins/Wings. I personally recommend Vitamins if you don’t want to use Poke Jobs.

Read more here.

Hope this helps! :)

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There’s not really a “best” way to EV train. Maxing out all the EVs that you want from level one allows you to level up in the wild and not have to use EV reducing berries afterword, but with EXP candies you don’t even need to level up in the wild so it doesn’t matter too much. It’s my opinion that items are easier to EV train with since it’s easy to farm watts to upgrade the dojo to get cheap vitamins, and you can also use the watt exploit to get money. Finally, you can also use the date-spam exploit to get lots of EVs and EXP for free from Poke Jobs in minutes.
Hope I helped!