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I just wanted to know if someone could give me a list naming all of the Pokemon that can Transform into a different Form, and all of the Special Moves that they can then learn.

Keldeo - Ordinary Form - Sacred Sword ~~~ Keldeo - Resolute Form - Secret Sword

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Keldeo-secret sword
Rotom-storage room learns most powerful move of each type he transforms into
Darmanitan-half health/belly drum
tornadus/thunderus/landorus-relic glass?(forgot official name)
Giratina-griseous orb
moloetta-relic song
kyurem-DNA fusers

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I'm not 100% sure, but I believe your missing a few... And could you make your answer a little more neat? I don't really get the slash's here, and the Dash's there.
look at the source for more
Pokename-what makes it change / moves learned
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  • Two different Pichus; the Spiky Eared and the normal, cannot change into each other. Spiky Ear was an event.
  • Unown have different forms of letters and ! ? based on personality traits.
  • Castform needs Rain Dance / Drizzle, Sunny Day / Drought, Hail / Snow Warning in order to change into Rain Castform, Sun Castform, and Snow Castform respectively.
  • Deoxys needs the Meteor found in Veilstone City (Sinnoh) / Route 3 (Hg/Ss Kanto) / - Nacrene City (Unova) to turn into Deoxys-Attack, Defense, and Speed.
  • Burmy chage form based on the terrain they last battled on. Grass: Grass. Building: Trash. Sandy Place / Cave: Sand.
  • Wormadam have different forms based on the cloak the Burmy they evolved from had.
  • Cherrim needs Sunny weather initiated by Drought or Sunny Day in order to change into Flower Cherrim.
  • Shellos have 2 different forms based on where they were in Mt. Coronet / Dream World: East Sea and West Sea. The mainly have Color differences, and that's really it. Same with Gastrodon.
  • Rotom needs Leaf Storm for Rotom-Mow, Hydro Pump for Rotom-Wash, Air Slash for Rotom-Fan, Blizzard for Rotom-Frost, and Overheat for Rotom-Heat.
  • Giratina needs to hold a Griseous Orb in order to change into its Origin form.
  • Shaymin needs a Gracidea Flower to turn into Shaymin-Sky, no moves needed.
  • Basculin have both Red and Blue forms, and are commonly found in Black and White, respectively.
  • Deerling changes color according to season.
  • Sawsbuck changes color according to season.
  • Darmanitan changes form when it has the ability Zen Mode, and turns into Darmanitan-Zen when it has half health or less.
  • Tornadus changes into its Therian form by using the Reveal Glass.
  • Thundurus changes into its Therian form by using the Reveal Glass.
  • Landorus changes into its Therian form by using the Reveal Glass.
  • Kyurem changes form by using the DNA Splicers to fuse with Zekrom (Kyurem-Black) or with Reshiram (Kyurem-White)
  • Keldeo turns into Keldeo-Resolution by learning Secret Sword.
  • Meloetta changes from its Aria Form to its Pirouette Form by using Relic Song. Same thing goes for Pirouette to Aria.


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