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If so what are they?

what do you mean?

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Well, I'm going to answer, as people do seem confused :)

There is an ability that no Pokemon have. It is Cacophony, an ability that protects the Pokemon against sound related moves. It was coded in Gen 3, but it was never used.

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Thanks guys
so cacophony is soundproof, then
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This is what you need, I guess. No Pokemon gets the following Abilities as their hidden Ability.

  • Cacophony
    016 Color Change
    123 Bad Dreams
    076 Air Lock
    038 Poison Point
    122 Flower Gift
    059 Forecast
    121 Multitype
    112 Slow Start
    164 Teravolt
    163 Turboblaze
    162 Victory Star
    025 Wonder Guard
    129 Defeatist
    149 Illusion
    160 Iron Barbs
    152 Mummy
    074 Pure Power
    117 Snow Warning
    045 Sand Stream
    100 Stall
    021 Suction Cups
    019 Shield Dust
    111 Filter
    085 Heatproof
    096 Normalize
    026 Levitate
    071 Arena Trap
    037 Huge Power
    040 Magma Armor
    088 Download
    064 Liquid Ooze
    116 Solid Rock
    042 Magnet Pull
    036 Trace
    009 Static
    061 Shed Skin
    108 Forewarn
    035 Illuminate
    060 Sticky Hold
    052 Hyper Cutter
    053 Pickup
    030 Natural Cure
    028 Synchronize
Sorry to tell you this but I asked for abilities that no pokemon had or that no pokemon had as a hidden ability.
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The only Ability that no Pokemon had is Cacophony, which was programmed into the Gen III games but had no Pokemon that have it. It was removed from the game in Gen IV.