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For example,Thunder fang has two effects,10% to paralyse and 10% to flinch the target.What are all the other moves which have more than one secondary effect?

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  • AncientPower (Atk raise, Def raise, SAtk raise, SDef raise, Spd raise)
  • Fire Fang (Burn and Flinch)
  • Ice Fang (Freeze and Flinch)
  • Poison Fang (Bad Poison and Flinch)
  • Secret Power (Flinch/Sleep/Target's accuracy lowered/Target's Atk lowered/Freeze/Paralasis)
  • SilverWind (Atk raise, Def raise, SAtk raise, SDef raise, Spd raise)
  • Thunder Fang (Paralasis and Flinch)
  • Tri Attack (Burn, Freeze, and Paralasis)

Pretty sure I got them all, I did not include increased Critical Hit ratios.

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Wouldn't Ancient power and Silver Wind only have one effect? Because it raises all of the stats as opposed to just the attack stat, or the defense stat.