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To me it just makes no sense Whatsoever.

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In addition to ohioscyther's answer, some moves give double damage when the user goes last, like Payback.

Bizarrely, even though the description says it is "tremendously heavy", it only does 10 damage with Fling, whereas Iron Ball does 130!

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Gyro ball will be powered up if you are slow. Trick room strategies can be good with lagging tail. You might want to have it so you can use substitute and then focus punch.

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And also Switcheroo works with Lagging Tail.
Turns out Lagging Tail doesn't work with Trick Room.
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If your Pokemon holds a Lagging Tail,it will be slower,
so usually the foe attacks first.

Revenge and Payback will cause double damage if you move last.

Use Trick or Switcheroo on the foe,then you can swap items,making the foe slower,which also powers up Gyro Ball.

And using Flail will do A LOT of damage if the foe attacks
really hard,if your Pokemon manages to hang in there.

There are good things to do with the Lagging Tail,even though it reduces speed.

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A fast wobbufett it is not good

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