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Alright, so I figured that this game is easy in the beginning, and impossible in Round 2.
So, this is to post a team for Rental and Custom teams. Make sure you specify what round they work in. Also, a good description of the Pokemon will do. And make sure that you post a real Gen 1 team, and not with moves like Night Slash or Focus Blast or stuff like that. An if possible, test the team before posting to make sure it works.

Also, please state what cup it works for and the difficulty level (i.e Ultra cup) or if it's for the Elite Four.

All your help is greatly appreciated

Take note that in little cup or whatever,dragon rage is 100% necessary for sweeping
well duh. i mean, thats what dragon rage is for, right?
guess what?

dragon rage always misses in LC which was introduced in Stadium 2. Dragon Rage only works in Pika Cup/Petit Cup or something.
Dragon rage Will always say that it missed? Fail.

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Notable rental Pokemon for prime cup:

Starmie can do damage and it can cover pretty much every single type.

Charizard, Rhydon, Gengar, Articuno, Zapdos, and Omastar is a great team, I owned everyone and that Mew guy was no more.

If you let a kabutops or something set up swords dance, you will get owned.

Gengar/Haunter/Ghastly is annoying if it can get the opponent to sleep.

In the cup where there is levels 50-55 Jolteon and Starmie make a good core as rentals. Starmie is just a beast overall.

Jynx can send Pokemon to sleep.

If you have a mewtwo handy, you can own pretty much anyone.

Dragon rage can destroy you in the pika cup or petit cup.