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In my platinum game I have a Kirlia and I will shortly be facing the fighting gym. Should I let him evolve into Gardevoir, or should I wait and evolve him into a Gallade.


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Well, let's compare them.

   Gardevoir                                       Gallade
HP 68                                     HP 68
Attack 65                                 Attack 125
Defense 65                                Defense 65
Special Attack 125                        Special Attack 65
Special Defense  115                      Special Defense 115
Speed 80                                  Speed 80


enter image description here

Gallade has a great Attack stat and can get a boost from Swords Dance. It also has a wider movepool than Gardevoir due to it being a Fighting-type as well as a Psychic-type.

enter image description here

>I've got nothing to say about Gardevoir. It has a very good Special Attack stat and can get a boost from Charge Beam.

This is what I think:
Gardevoir<Gallade simply because of its wider movepool and it being a Fighting-type.

But if you like special attackers, go with Gardevoir.

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You put the wrong symbol for Gallade/Gardevoir. LTBL means Gardevoir < Gallade.
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Well it really depends if you want a physical attacker go wit gallade and if you want a special attacker go with gardevoir.