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I just bought black 2 and I'm wondering will I not know some of the story because I didnt play b/w?


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Well yes it's a direct sequel to black 1 so it'll get confusing. 2 years ago there was a team known as team plasma. They had a goal to set all Pokemon free and their leaders were N and Ghetsis. N wanted to free Pokemon but Ghetsis wanted to conquer the world and tricked N into working for him. Soon N had the help of zekrom and you eventually got the help of reshiram. N learned what Ghetsis was planning and quit. You finally defeat ghetsis and team plasma falls apart

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Looks like I have to buy black now.
yeah or else the story is only half as good
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Okay, here we go.
The previous members of Team Plasma ditch their previous plans as well as Ghetsis, and they end up traveling to Driftville City. Getsis finds new Team Plasma members and they build a large ship capturing Kyurem and using it to freeze Unova. Its up to you to capture Kyurem (or defeat when you first encounter him, but you find him later after beating the Elite 4) and get Zekrom from N (at N's castle, once again after you beat the Elite 4, but thats before you capture Kyurem with your given Master Ball) I hoped this helped, if it did, please show it!

he wants black's story not black 2