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Well I just finished my game and got to black city. I know you can battle banjirou there to get a shiny gible but when I go in and defeat the trainers I just get sent out instead and given a vitamin. Why can't I get there?
Extra info: I already met Banjirou in Sangi town this is needed

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I think you need an extra spot on your party.
I need to defeat Banjirou first then go to Sangi town to get the shiny gible problem is I can't get to him? And by the way can someone retag it with spoiler's?
Did you win against all the trainers?
I don't know I can't remember

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This has happened to many people. Including me. And PokeCinema.
But the truth is, Banjirou doesn't actually give you the Shiny Gible in the Battle Tower.
To actually obtain the Gible, you need to go to the second town in the game, after Aspertia City, and go to Alder's house. Banjirou should be standing next to Alder, so simply walk up to him, and take the Shiny Gible.
Trust me, this has confused many people.
You do need to get to the top of the tower before and fight him.
It took me 2 hours to get to the top of that tower. No joke.

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I have watched PokeCinema's vids but he doesn't show how to get there I know you get gible from Sangi town but I just can't get on top of that tower but thanks anyways
All you have to do is just battle everyone in the tower to get to the top. The reason PC didn't show it was that it took 5 hours long.
I hope you don't mind me asking but how did you know?