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After you obtain your 4th gym badge and leave that city you run into Bianca.
She takes you to this weird forest room. And there's a Mincinno in the middle.
I fainted it, because I didn't want it. Now this is just an empty, yet cool looking room.

What else can I do in here? There seems to be more to this place.
( She probably said something about it, but... I can't exactly read Japanese. )

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These places are called Hidden Hollows. These are places where you can get DW ability Pokemon ingame. Meaning that Miccino you fainted has Skill Link. There are many places like these.
Look here under Hidden Hollows to see the areas and Pokemon inside them.

Oh yeah, sometimes there can be items instead of Pokemon. You may need the Dowsing Machine.

I'll put the list here for reference.

Route 2
- Nidoran M/F (Hustle), Granbull (Rattled), Watchog (Analytic)

Route 3
- Lombre (Own Tempo), Manectric (Minus), Bibarel (Moody), Pachirisu (Volt Absorb), Zebstrika (Sap Sipper)

Route 5
- Liepard (Prankster), Mincinno (Skill Link), Foongus (Regenerator)

Route 6
- Woobat (Simple), Foongus (Regenerator)

Route 7
- Watchog (Analytic), Cubchoo (Rattled), Zangoose (Toxic Boost), Seviper (Infiltrator)

Route 9
- Muk (Poison Touch), Liepard (Prankster), Garbodor (Aftermath), Bouffalant (Soundproof)

Route 13
- Tangela (Regenerator), Spheal (Oblivious), Drifloon (Flare Boost), Skorupi (Keen Eye), Foongus (Regenerator)

Route 18
- Fearow (Sniper), Kingler (Sheer Force), Dragonite (Multiscale), Chatot (Big Pecks)

Route 22
- Pelliper (Rain Dish), Amoonguss (Regenerator), Mienfoo (Reckless)

Route 23
- Golduck (Swift Swim), Gligar (Immunity), Zangoose (Toxic Boost), Seviper (Infiltrator), Absol (Justified)

Sangi Ranch
- Marill (Sap Sipper), Dunsparce (Rattled), Herdier (Scrappy)

Pinwheel Forest
- Butterfree (Tinted Lens, White 2), Beedrill (Sniper, Black 2), Poliwhirl (Swift Swim), Murkrow (Prankster), Breloom (Technician), Hariyama (Sheer Force), Medicham (Telepathy), Bagon (Sheer Force), Amoonguss (Regenerator)

Lostlorn Forest
- Pinsir (Moxie), Heracross (Moxie), Combee (Hustle), Leavanny (Overcoat)

Giant Chasm
- Clefairy (Friend Guard), Ditto (Imposter), Sneasel (Pickpocket), Metang (Light Metal)

Abundant Shrine
- Vulpix (Drought), Golduck (Swift Swim), Swablu (Cloud Nine), Bronzor (Heavy Metal), Amoonguss (Regenerator)

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Sml.. I fainted my only shot at a Skill Link Mincinno? ... Well. Dang it.
It can reappear, don't worry :D
How do I get it to do that?
You have to wait a certain period of time for a Pokemon to regenerate. The time you need to wait is 256 steps. There will be a 5% chance of regeneration.
This is awesome I can't wait for the English version to come out
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Hidden Hollows. These rooms are in between trees and contain Pokemon with their Dream World ability. They also can contain Items. Great for ROMs that can't access DW.
(They have Dragonite with Multiscale and Ditto with Imposter :D :D :D :D)