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I want to know how to hatch an egg faster becuz, its taking so long before you can get the egg hatch!thx

Ride or bike and it will be faster

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Having a Pokemon with the abilities Magma Armor or Flame Body in your party along with the egg will half the number of steps it takes to hatch said egg. In Black 2 in White 2, the Magby line, the Litwick Line, the Larvesta line and Camerupt are available to you, with Camerupt being exclusive to White 2, and the Magby line being exclusive to Black 2.

Hope this helps. :)

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thhx for your help!!! I can also go on skyarrow bridge or join avenue at the nursery.
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Do what themadradlilypad said, also, I believe in join avenue after the main story , there is a nursery which makes eggs hatch faster. A good place to hatch eggs is skyarrow bridge.

Hope this helps!

thx for your help! =D