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Ok I'm trying to hatch some shinies and I want to know if the method I'm using is going to work? I'm using the Masuda Method and I'm have the shiny charm in Black 2. Now the way I'm doing it is I have four eggs just three steps away from hatching. So if the Pokemon are not shiny can I just soft reset and just keep trying, or will that not work?

Someone please help. Thanks

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Unfortunately that won't work because all the Pokemon's data (gender, ability, shininess etc) is determined when you receive the egg from the daycare man.

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What is a better way? I was thinking maybe i could get them from the daycare,  and take them to my nursery i have in Join Avenue. For instance, I will save before i get the egg. Take it to the join ave, and hatch it there. If its not shiny I'll soft reset and let the man keep the egg and try again. Will that work?