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Aw, I new it was going on and I had the game but my wifi was down at the time. I'll probably just trade with someone then. :/
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im sure you can figure it out from here.

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Only nintendo knows. I doubt they would make another event for liberty pass but you can ptobably trade from a friend to get victini. Also, there might be an event for a just plain old victini, straight from the pokeball. You missed so many victini events xD

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It could be but its up to Nintendo.

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says the person who didn't get BA >:D
It doesnt matter
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Most likely not because once an event is done it will never become available again (you missed the movie 13 victini) but that doesnt mean the Pokemon wont be used in a different event (in BW2 you can get to the liberty garden without the ticket but victini wont be there and they will say some rich kid protected victini)

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