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.....Have defensive stats? It just doesn't make any sense if he faints in one hit.

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Well, I believe I can give some feedback to this.

  • GameFreak can be trolls sometimes. Smogon has this perfectly stated in this statement: "Alongside the likes of Flareon, Limber Stunfisk, and Final Gambit Shedinja, Rotom-S is often described as one of Game Freak's attempts to troll competitive battlers."
  • If Shedinja had little to no defense, that, in a sense, would be quite overpowered. If Guard Swap was still still used, Shedinja would be a perfect switchin to it, rendering the opponent with much lower defense than before. Shedinja can learn Mimic, so it can use it on a opponent.
  • Shedinja needs a Defense stat in order to use Power Trick via Mimic.
  • If Shedinja gets a Substitute via Baton Pass, its Def & SDef will be calculated to the damage calculation formula.
  • If a Pokemon Transforms into Shedinja, it will have more than 1 HP. Meaning Defensive stats will be used, in that case.
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Don't forget Baton Pass Substitute.
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Because of the ability download. It raises special attack if the opponent has higher defense and vice-versa for attack. That is basically the only reason. Also, someone could hack shedinja to have a lot of HP :P.

Also, remember that a Pokemon is a Pokemon. They all have different characteristics, meaning they have stats. Shedinja gets its stats the same way any other Pokemon does. It is there characteristics.

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Shedinja was in Generation III. Download was only introduced in Gen IV. So Download is obviously not the reason -.-