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I have managed to beat ghetsis up until his seismetoad. here is my team
Beartic:47 nothing (beat draydens Pokemon single handedly)
icicle crash
Charizard:53 Nothing
Fire pledge
Dragon claw
Absol:48 Shell bell (signature and first up)
Night slash
Double team
Samurott: 47 mystic water
Water pledge
Hydro cannon (my boss move)
Fraxure:38 Lucky Egg (in training and tell me what Pokemon to replace it with if I need to)
Dual chop
False swipe
Dragon claw
Ampharos: 47 Nothing (the Pokemon that made Marlon weep)
Thunder Punch
Power gem
That is my team so if you can tell me what I can do to help my Pokemon beat ghetsis.

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I didnt mention that kyurem is already beaten
Catch it later :)
the team needs a lot of improvement

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Ok, you need a grass Pokemon. A grass Pokemon would destroy that Sesmitoad. I'd suggest catching the Virizion which would destroy Sesmitoad, while beating up his biggest threat, Hydreigon, if you beartic dies. Ferrothorn would be a fine second but you HAVE to go first. IF Sesmitoad uses earthquake on you're ferrothorn. Other grass types are Leafeon, Roserade, Tangrowth, Carnivine and Tropius. Will add as I go. As a bonus, I'll help you defeat the rest of the team. I'd take out Fracture, as it isn't that useful. I'd switch it for a psychic to take out that Toxicroak, which can be devastating to your Absol. Well, you've covered most, and BTW, I'd take out Ampharos for the Virizion. This would also cover Hydreigon AND Drapion. So that leaves unharmed Electross. But i'm not going to take another Pokemon out so you can attack Electross better. I'd suggest giving Absol dig, or any Pokemon dig or Earthquake.

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If you want a Haxorus take the Shiny one you get later.
THX ALOT thats really gonna help me (glad i randomly caught one at chargestone cave)