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If you have played BW2 you know that Ghetsis told B/W kyurem to freeze us with glaciate. Glaciate cannot freeze a Pokemon so was he trying to kill the player or was he just delusional enough to think glaciate will freeze you?

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There are five different possible answers to this.

A) He is delusional

B) Glaciate works differently on Humans then it does on Pokemon

C) Glaciate kills people slowly, so we would be left alive to watch him rule before finally dying D:

D) He is now so deranged that he no longer retains his senses, so he figures he would freeze you, which would actually kill you

E) He does not actually know how powerful a move Glaciate is

Although all of these are myths, there is one fact that Ghetsis is mental in BW2, like literally. This may be the reason, and is what I find most truthful, although you never know :3

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Mr.K, I just added that last part in. Hope you don't mind :3
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Crap, good thing N got there in time with Zekrom/Reshiram to save you.
Yep. Why would Ghetsis just do that? (I watched a video about it myself!)
Thanks, N, for saving the poor characters.
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Lmao was just playing B/W 2 again just seen this I was gonna ask this question but nobody seems to know the answer...
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Ghetsis is a very very evil man, as shown by his relentless quest to conquer and his brutal deception of many, including the "good" team plasma members and his own innocent son, N. he is also a very wise man. He has successfully formed, controlled and reformed a massive criminal organization, and has even devised a cruel way to control an extremely powerful Pokemon in kyurem. Considering that you were a massive threat to his plans, how evil he is, and that his intelligence would suggest he has at least decent knowledge of Pokemon moves, he was in all likely hood trying to kill you, though as Pokemon is rated e for everyone, this isn't directly said.

But Ghetsis says outright that "I will freeze you here so you can watch my rise to power" So why if that's what he says, would he really mean to kill us?
Basically I'm giving a longer version, less precise version of option c in your answer, which I will gladly upvote for its obvious greatness
Ah ok I see, now. Thanks for clarifying.
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