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when you catch Kyurem Ghetsis cane is on the ground, will it stay there forever ?


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> In Black 2 and White 2, Ghetsis appears to have become somewhat
> insane, going so far as to command Kyurem to impale the player with
> icicles at one point (although failing due to N's intervention). Also
> he is visibly mentally unstable, bursting into fits of rage that
> prompt him to shout and to aggressively slam his cane to the ground
. A
> Shadow Triad member points out Ghetsis loses control, which further
> evidences this behaviour to be recurrent.

Yes, the cane will stay there for the rest of your BW2 life.
Source: http://pokemon.wikia.com/wiki/Ghetsis

And in the picture on the right, that is the cane close up.

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In all reality he wanted to FREEZE you not kill you with kyurem (though glaciate doesnt freeze a pokemon) but it is possible he was trying to cover up... WHATEVER
Please, you can't argue with Bulbapedia xD
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Yes. It does.
Source: Experience

So your gonna experience the cane forever
Yes. You do.