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Sometimes the Shadow Triad says to the player that they are loyal to Ghetsis beacuse he saved their lives.How did he excacly ?

Well, I checked Bulbapedia and it seems that no one except Game Freak/The Pokèmon Company actually knows HOW he saved their lives.
Not really an answer.
It is too an answer!!! No one knows. Not even Bulbapedia. End of story.
Yeah... but there have been a million answers like this and they have been classified as not an answer. It's technically unanswered still.
do not hide it, please guys
LOL, I don't even have hiding powers.
not, you someone who has.
There is no one who actually knows the specifics to this question.
Unless you were to contact game freak then it all remains a mystery.
If you do contact them can you post it.

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No one except Game Freak knows how he saved them
The Shadow Triad are completely loyal to Ghetsis because he once saved their lives.

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the same answer.Don't you have anything else to say ?