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When I had to defeat White Kyurem, it was not shiny, so is it possible for it to be shiny when I catch it later?

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Even if the Kyurem Black/White you battled was not shiny, it is still possible for Kyurem to be shiny when you encounter it post-game at Giant Chasm.

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You cannot catch W-Kyurem

Was it at level 50?
If so it cannot be caught then (extra info).
After fusion the Kyurem will be shiny. (only if the Kyurem was shiny before)
Reshiram is shiny-locked and Kyurem can be shiny.
> Almost everything comes from Kyurem: EVs, IVs, Level, and Shininess. And if separated, they will be shiny, as long as the two Pokemon that were being fused are shiny.

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He is asking wether the Kyurem you catch post-game can be shiny, even if the Kyurem Black/White is not.
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