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I was searching through and found this. Is it true?


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Actually, yes.

The original concept of Pokemon was inspired by capsule machines contain various collectible toys. The machines were called Geshapons or something like that.

It went from Capsule Monsters to Capumon for trademark issues. Then it was switched over to Pocket Monsters.

  • Source comes from: DYKG

With the help of Ken Sugimori and other friends, Tajiri formed Game
Freak and much later the design studio known as Creatures. When Tajiri
discovered the Game Boy and the Game Boy Link Cable, it gave him the
image of insects traveling along the wire, which led to the concept
for a new game called Capsule Monsters. After several failed attempts
at pitching this idea to Nintendo, Tajiri's new friend Shigeru
Miyamoto pitched it to the company, and Nintendo began to fund the
project, spending six years developing the games that would become a
worldwide sensation. Due to trademarking issues, the name "Capsule
Monsters" was changed to "Pocket Monsters".

And then me and my breaking-into-the-coding-and-ruining-the-cartridge-out-of-curiosity-to-answer-a-question just had to step in...

In that coding, an undefined area of code is there that does nothing. It copies the naming of the creatures, but replaces "Pocket" with "Capsule", so you can assume that it was scrapped in development.

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No. It was call pocket monsters. They were thinking of making it Capsul Mosters but changed their mind in favor of Pocket monsters, or Pokemon.

Poket= Poke.
Monsters= mon.

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Capsule Monsters is a Yu-Gi-Oh game...