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It has the type Cominination of the Legendary birds.Missingino's. name is Missing Number meaNING it was supposely a Pokemon that was dropped?The rest of them Glitch Pkmns have No No. Is my theriory correct..
Also wher the Pokemon games before tjhe anime if yes another reason why it mught be a Pokemon that was Dropped?
Is muy theriory correct?

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Pokemon started out as a TCG, then the games, then the Anime, IIRC.
Never heard of MissingNo. before... Strange...

I Googled this and MissingNo. looks like a Ghost type, not a flying type, RedPikachu. (It has the type Cominination of the Legendary birds)
It's a glitch pokemon that has the typing of the legendary birds. It's Flying and something else I believe.

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There have been many theories about Missingno. Some say it was supposed to be the fourth legendary bird (it sometimes has the cry of Zapdos, and 2 Water Guns and 2 Sky Attacks), so it was probably a Water/Flying type. Also, Missingno. has been the deevoulution of Kangaskhan, the evoulution of Rhydon, and the missing link (i think) between Marowak and Kangaskhan.

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MissingNo. (けつばん Ketsuban?), or MissingNO,1 is a Pokémon species found in the video games Pokémon Red and Blue. Standing for "Missing Number", MissingNo. Pokémon are used as error handlers by game developer Game Freak; they appear when the game attempts to access data for a nonexistent Pokémon species. Due to the programming of three in-game events, players can encounter MissingNo. via a glitch. The species was first documented by Nintendo in the May 1999 issue of Nintendo Power.

I found this information at wikipedia. Here is the full article.

Missingno. the glitch pokemon found in Red or Blue version, was a dropped out pokemon after Nintendo (Or another company involving Pokemon) saw it.
But people never knew what it was.
Most people, like me, say that it was a Grass-Flying type Legendary bird, which makes total sense, because they have fire, water, and lightning, but no grass, one of the main types. The company must have thought it was badly drawn, or just a crazy idea. But, a grass type Legendary Bird does make sense.
Some people know about Ghost, another pokemon related to Missingno, that knew only one move that one-shot every pokemon. But, after you beat the Elite Four, your game crashes, and you have to face him without any pokemon when you start, making you lose.
So, what is missingno?