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Cuz Volt Absorb will absorb T Wave and Flash Fire will suck up Wisp.... so would Sap Sipper stop leech seed from working??

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sweet thanks SP. hey what's a good Sap Sipper abuser? doesn't Azumarrill suck without Huge Power?
I'd go with sawsbuck in NU but in UU...
Idk xP I've never used a poke with the ability Sap Sipper before xP only in-game against a poke :/
i was just trying to think of something to block leech seed besides ferro. once your teams spinner is dead entry hazards mess people up. once i kill the opponents tentacruel forretress or starmie i almost always win. so i was just brainstorming...
Buffolant ._.
for a UU or OU team kyron??
i was just listing a pokemon XD
gah! curse you!! i want something i can use in OU to punish Leech Seed users!!