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I want to get an Eevee and I have Pokemon White2 and I need to get one!

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There are 3 ways to catch / obtain an Eevee ingame:

  • Catch one at Castelia Gardens. It can be encountered normally, not in shaking grass as the previous answer states.
  • Get one from Fennel's assistant in Castelia City after you have defeated the Elite Four. This will be a male with Adaptability.
  • You can catch an Eevee in any Hidden Grotto.
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You go to the tall grass in the garden area connected to the castelia sewers. It is very rare to find eevee there so good luck. The steps are at the end of the sewer

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you can get one from fennel's place in castelia city or find one in the grass though its a 5 percent chance to appear in the castelia garden

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Go to the Castellia Gardens that you get through from the Sewers, they are very rare and can take some time to find.

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