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Which pokes aside from Hydreigon, & Landerous can use Expert Belt effectively?
I'd like atleast 3 Options.

Edit:This is out of curiosity, not team building.

You mean which pokemon has a good move pool that can cover lots of types

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Well, Life Orb definitely outclasses Expert Belt in usage, but almost any Life Orb Pokemon can be turned into an Expert Belt user.

Option1: Infernape
with 10/104/108 Offenses + priority move, this guy can abuse Expert Belt perfectly. Also very nice, since Life Orb causes recoil, and Expert Belt can be your alternative.

Option2: Tornadus-Therian
This guy (again) prefers Life Orb over Expert Belt, but can use Expert Belt to some extent. With Stealth Rocks being ever-so popular, Expert Belt can be used so Regenerator can heal off Rocks damage, and give him a little more survivablity. With 100/110/121 offenses, he can abuse Expert belt nicely.

Option 3: Jirachi
Well, Smogon has a really nice set in which this little steel fairy uses Expert Belt. Look Here to check it out. with 100/100/100 Offenses, he has the ability + the movepool to use Expert belt to it's best.

Remember, any Life Orb abuser can most likely be used to be an Expert Belt user.
Have fun using the Belt!

Actually, Thundurus-T is a perfect user of Expert Belt.
It's true that sometimes, Tornadus-T can go Expert Belt over LO, but I prefer LO, or even Specs.
I hate choice items on that guy ebelt and lorbs do wonders
Mew, the Q  said some examples... :P
Porygon-z too
Infernape has epic offenses.

10 / 104 / 108. NICE!