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Terlor r the best Expert Belt

Holder's super effective attacks against other Pokemon do 1.2x damage.

Would moves that are x4 super effective (e.g Fire move on Scizor) gain a bigger boost?


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Yes, you do get a 1.2x boost.

I tested on Showdown, and the power increased exactly by 20%.
Test 1 without Expert belt, and test 2 with Expert belt.

As you can see, without it, it did 40% to Heatran. It did 48% with Expertbelt, which is exactly 20% more than 40%.

Source: testing
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Yes they would.

They effectively become 4.8 times the power of the original move. And that is huge (usually does not matter though, x4 is still huge).

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I have 1 question!
If a Pokémon is  houlding a Expert Belt and have x4 Sp.Attack and use Fire-Move on a Scizor, would it have 8x power?
Well, Jack went into more trouble with the replays...but still +1.
Boost = 4 x 1.2 x 4
= x19.2
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