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EmpoleonI have a free slot in my team while preparing for the elite 4 in platinum. I want to capitalize on cynthia's biggest threat to me : spiritomb. I am not sure who to use against since it has no weaknesses.


-Empoleon( choice specs)

-Infernape (physically based mixed attacker)

-Togekiss(choice scarf)


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whats your team
Dude, can you fix your grammar mistakes? Especially in the title. It's Spiritomb, btw..........
lol how'd you get two starters i got only empoleon?

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Funny thing I noticed: Spiritomb's moveset actually gets worse after defeating the Elite 4 and then facing Cynthia after the National Dex is gained, as Ominous Wind replaces Shadow Ball.

Spiritomb knows Shadow Ball, Silver Wind, Dark Pulse, and Psychic.

Your Empoleon can actually do a great job in taking down Spiritomb by using a powerful STAB Surf. Empoleon resists all of Spiritomb's attacks, which is why it is such a good Pokemon for the job.

Also able to resist all of its attacks are Probopass, Bastiodon, and Magnezone. Considering their type starts to stack up with what you already have, I would suggest none of these and just rely on Empoleon to win the fight. However, if you want to use these Pokemon then I would suggest using the move Toxic and then start hitting Spiritomb with your STAB attacks, maybe throwing in Protects to Toxic-stall. Make Cynthia use her Full Restores, then repeat the process. Make sure to keep your Pokemon healthy with items. Even a Pokemon around 10 or so levels lower can take down Spiritomb with this.

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thanks trachy
It worked. Beat champion
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The way which I use is simply use a Pokemon who can perform foresight or moves of other type and then a super powerful fighting type move like close combat or superpower and then it is just KO, spiritomb defeated.
Using foresight allows a ghost type Pokemon to be hit by fighting type move and hence spiritomb is left with only dark type, which is very weak against fighting type, TADA

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Nothing is super effective against spiritomb because of its typing, ghost cancels out its bug weakness
I meant by saying so, that for example you have a lucario, use foresight and then use close combat. If your lucario is of a good level (around 55) then spiritomb will be defeated then and there only
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I just really want to say this.
Spiritomb is a pretty frail Pokemon. A strong STAB such as Earthquake or Surf is enough to atleast 2HKO it.
Your best counter has to be Garchomp due to Swords Dance. Set the things up and use potions to stop it from fainting then use an attacking move to OHKO.
If you set this Garchomp up enough, you wont have any problems with any of her Pokemon.

With the E4, your fine. Just use the Super Effective moves and you should have no problem.

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