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weeeeeeellllllll you seem to have stumbled upon my dilemma so please help


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Hmm, well, I'll be answering.
I say Sawsbuck. While Leafeon has much more Defense, Sawsbuck has arguably better dual STABs. It has a powerful STAB Return, recovery + STAB in Horn Leech, and a deadly move in Swords Dance. It can be a deadly sweeper in Sun, or with Sap Sipper, a nice counter to Amoonguss's Spore. It can Baton Pass the Sap Sipper boost to a Sweeper, who will gladly sweep the opponent's team, such as Emboar, or Cinccino.

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"Sawsbuck has better Speed."
Ah yes, I guess 95 is greater than 95.
xD Ooops, didn't see that. I read 85.
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