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I was lucky enough to get a sawsbuck in wonder trade, and my moveset for it was going to be horn leech, synthesis, wild charge and worry seed. As you can see from the title, I'm now not so sure about the final move. What should I do?

PS. If you want to see who my other team members are, you can see them on Battle Subway, if you click on the question: rate my immune team


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Neither... considering that Sawsbuck is already fast enough and Worry Seed does little in single battles (its use in doubles is still questionable), Sawsbuck has better things to do like use Swords Dance, Jump Kick and Return.

If you really had to pick between the two, go for Agility. Also, there's no need to have both Horn Leech and Synthesis.

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I think it is neccessery with wild charge. If not what would you suggest instead of synthesis? Or Agility?
PS. You haven't read my other question, have you?
I have; I read your team, and to be honest Wild Charge gives more recoil than worthwhile + no STAB. I would also suggest that Sawsbuck go for Life Orb > Sitrus Berry to do more damage.
As for Synthesis, go for either Return or Swords Dance.
Sawsbuck is too frail to set up/ troll. It's meant to do damage and that's all it's meant to do.