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So yeah, who is better in-battle? Sawsbuck or Ferrothorn? I just can't choose ;/

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Different roles.
"No polls/opinion questions: Questions such as "What is your favourite Pokemon?" or "Who is the best Water-type Pokemon" are too open and vague to be useful. You can discuss things like that in Chat. "

Personally, I believe this is too opinionated because of the different roles that each can play on a team.  Asking a question like this... well... IDK, maybe it should go on the RMT or the future forum with the rest of the team.
Iron Barbs + Rocky Helmet

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I think I'm going to try and answer thiss
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Well, it really depends on what suits your team better so yeah.

- Decent attack and speed, so it can function as a a sweeper.
- gets horn leech, a good grass move that heals you.
- Gets good abilities, being chlorophyll, sap sipper and serene grace.
- Doesn't have a very good physical movepool
- its stats are mediocre at best.
- can't make much use out of serene grace.
- Great defences allow it to take hits
- Attack stat is pretty good for a defence based Pokemon.
-Only two weaknesses
- Iron barbs and Rocky helmet can deal HUGE damage to physical attackers after a couple of turns.
- Terrible special attack and speed, but that doesn't matter.
So, I'd choose depending on your team, but I like ferrothorn a bit more so it can take hits. movesets for the both of them

[email protected] orb/choice band
Jolly nature (+spd -spatt)
EVS- 252 att 252 spd, 4spdef
- Horn leech/Seed bomb
- Wild charge/Megahorn
- Jump kick
- Double edge

[email protected] helmet/Leftovers
sassy nature (+spdef -spd)
252 HP, 252 spdef, 4def
- Leech seed
- Stealth rock
- Spikes/thunder wave/rest
- Power whip/Gyro ball/explosion/payback

I hope I helped!!

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Overall: There's no contest, Ferrothorn is clearly better!

Against each other: Ferrothorn wouldn't stand a chance against Sawsbuck, especially if Sawsbuck had Sap Sipper and Jump Kick.

Even though I answered your question, I guess you'll still want me to compare them huh? Okay then here goes:



Ferrothorn's unique Grass/Steel typing grants it nine resistances to Normal, Water, Electric, Grass, Psychic, Rock, Dragon, Steel and Fairy type moves respectively. It's typing also grants Ferrothorn immunity to Poison type moves, with only Fire and Fighting type moves being super effective. Ferrothorn has both excellent Defense and Special Defense, moderate HP and decent Attack, this allows Ferrothorn to function well as a Support Role, as well as both a Wall and a potentially Tank. Ferrothorn also has a fantastic Ability in Iron Barbs, which when hit by a move that makes contact, the attacker will receive damage equal to 1⁄8 of their maximum HP. If Ferrothorn is holding a Rocky Helmet the damage will stack (dealing 7/24 of the attacker's maximum HP). Ferrothorn does lack an extensive moveset, however it does learn notable moves which include: Power Whip, Gyro Ball, Knock Off, Thunder Wave, Leech Seed, Stealth Rock, Spikes, Toxic and Protect. Ferrothorn acts as an excellent Defensive Wall due to it's fantastic Defense and Iron Barbs Ability, but also because of it's resistance against common attacking moves such as Waterfall, Iron Head, Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Zen Headbutt and Play Rough etc.



What would you say if I told you that Ferrothorn was in OU, while Sawsbuck is in Smogon's newest tier PU, which is basically the lowest ranking tier? Despite Sawsuck being in PU it does have some good features, it's Attack and Speed are relatively good which allows Sawsbuck to function as a Physical Sweeper in PU. It also has okay Abilities in Chlorophyll, Sap Sipper and Serene Grace. Unfortunately though it does have six weaknesses to Fighting, Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire and Ice type moves respectively. It also has fewer resistances compared with Ferrothorn.

At least I'm only 30 pts. away, but still...
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Well, Let's Compare Them Shall We!

Abilities: Sap Sipper-Not very useful as Sawsbuck is a Grass Type
Chlorophyll-Gives it a Speed Boost In the Sun making it Faster
Serene Grace- Hmm...Cant Find any Moves that will benefit it.

Movepool: Basic MovePool,no Coverage apart from Nature Power.
For Coverage: Nature Power(Earth Power)
Pros and Cons
Small Movepool
Outclassed by Other Grass Types
It's Forms Are Useless
Horn Leech(Reliable Recovery + STAB)
Pretty Fast With his Abilty
Sunny Day for his Abilty.

[email protected]
-Horn Leech
-Leech Seed

Ability:Iron Barb-Rocky Helmet and Iron Barns make Decent Damage.
Anticipation-Warns you Of Super-Effective Moves(Or One hit KO's)

Movepool:Same As Sawsbuck's

Pros And Cons
Few Weaknesses
Gyro Ball Paired with Speed Does worthwhile damage
Stealth Rock
High Defense
Reliable STAB
Not Much Coverage
Bad Special Attack(Flash Cannon Won't Be as Strong
Not Many Grass Moves(Power Whip is Awesome)
His poor Special Attack won't allow him to Use Solarbeam Properly.

[email protected] Helmet(For his Ability
-Gyro Ball
-Power Whip
-Thunder Wave

Soooo, It's Really your Choice. Both Pokemon Can Be Used in a Good Way,See which one fits you Team or Strategy(Personally I Like Ferrothorn)

Hope this Helped- LoL(Legend of Lotad)

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