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OK,ive looked at a bunch of stuff about IVs(i still dont understand) and I think I'm getting paranoid isf my brave shelgon(lv 36)
has bad IVs
hp 18-19
atk 19-20
def 9-11
spa 8-10
so I just want to get something straight:
if my Pokemon have high ivs does it mean its powerful?

p.s. tell me if my shelgon is good or bad


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IVs don't always determine if a Pokemon is bad, there is also other factors, such as moves, EVs, and Natures. One Pokemon may have high IVs in Attack, but low in Defense, so it isn't the best. Your Shelgon isn't bad.

but my shelgon reached lv 37 and some of its ivs dropped
is my shelgon powerful in attack at least?