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all I know is that serebii calculator, but I have some trouble with it (sometimes it says "STAT (159) should be 124 to 150." and it's pretty annoying and complicated) and the 2nd way I know is that IV checker, but doesn't say if it's 0 or 31 IV. How can I see the IV amount of my Pokemon or at least how do I know if it's good enough?

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If the IV calculator doesn't give you what you want, I don't think there's anything that will.

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If the checker says "stats like these can't be beat", then it's 31=perfect.
If the checker says anything bad about the stat (neutral=decent), then the IV is 0.

There is never a need to have any IV that isn't 31 or 0, unless you're trying to get a specific HP. If this is the case, then the IV calculator you are already using is the easiest tool.

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