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I am breeding my first 5IV Pokémon, and after about thirty Eggs I managed to get an Elecktrike with IVs in HP, Defence, Sp. Attack, Sp. Defence, and Speed. The IV Judge says that he has outstanding IVs in these stats, but does that guarantee that each of those stats will have 31 perfect IVs? Or does his defenition of "perfect" just mean "high", like anywhere from 28-31 IVs? Please clarify!

P.S. I feel as if this might have been asked before, but I couldn't find it anywhere.


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When a stat is perfect, he says "it can't be beat!"

If there's more than 1 perfect stat, he will also list all the stats like this:
"hmm its best stat is HP... but its attack is also good... its defence is also good" etc.; he will mention every perfect stat the Pokemon has to show you which stats are perfect.

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That's what he says, so that means my Elecktrike has 5 31 IV stats?
Yes. If he lists 5 stats and say they can't be beat, all stats are perfect.