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I've heard they all have 2 perfect IVs, and the one FS Pokemon I caught that I bothered to check had 2 perfect IVs and one 0 IV. Is that coincidence or a drawback to FS Pokemon?

I've heard nothing about 0 IVs. Most likely a coincidence.

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Nope; 2 perfect IVs is the only consistency among Friend Safari Pokemon. The 0 IV you got was just unlucky.

I've checked a whole bunch of my FS Pokemon and all had 2 perfect IVs and only one or two had a 0 IV.

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i posted my answer 21 seconds after you
thats weird
I caught a Bronzong in my brother's safari and it had 4 perfect IVs.
i have a Shiny Teddiursa with 3 Perfect IVs. caught it literally MINUTES before i was about to fall asleep. put an Everstone on it, 'cause a Shiny Ursaring is just ugly.
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Friend Safari Pokemon ALWAYS gives out at least 2 perfect ivs for each Pokemon.
This means that FS Pokemon may be caught with 2,3,4,5,or 6 perfect IVs.

But, I never heard of Fs Pokemon giving out 0 ivs in one category.

So, this time, you caught a Pokemon with (unfortually) 0 ivs.

Friend Safari Garentees 2 31 ivs in stats, but it does not garentee 0 ivs( which is good)

Hope I helped! :D