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This may be a silly question but just to be sure:
I searched for an answer but I couldn't find one, I'll explain: I have a brave Stakataka with 1 IV in speed and at level 50 having 0 IVs or 1 IV give you 16 of speed stat so apparently it doesn't matter, my question is, when the turn is decided between two Stakatakas, one with 0 IVs in speed and one with 1 IV but with the same speed stat of 16, does it make a difference? Will attack the 0 IVs last (first in trick room) or the game check only the effective speed stat without taking IVs in consideration?


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Well, IV's are much more important to consider, even if an IV is higher by 1. You may check the stat calculator here to see it for yourself.

Now, in concern to the 2 Stakataka, since the speed stat of the Pokemon is the same, a random Stakataka will be chosen to move first.

As an extra note:
If you look, at the stat calculator, Game Freak uses the floor function (the square brackets without the top), which means to round down to the nearest integer, if not already at an integer value. Because, of this, you will never see decimal values as your stat, and two Pokemon who may have 15.3 and 15.7 as their stat calculator before the floor function, will both turn out to have a stat of 15. Because of this, both Pokemon will have the same stat value, and both will be randomly chosen to move first if they were to battle each other

As for Stakataka, the difference between 0 to 1 IV may not make a difference, but two other consecutive IVs may have an effect. Try it yourself here.

Hope I helped! :)

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yup, i knew about the floor function, i imagined that the speed tiers would be chosen randomly, i just wanted to be sure :3 thank you so much for the answer :)