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so I checked the IV calculator on Serebii, but it doesn't go up to Gen. 6. so I need to know if this Pokemon has perfect IVs. I got a lvl 1 Japanese Froakie that the Judge says, "This Pokemon has relatively superior potential overall. Its greatest potential lies in its HP. And its Defense stat is good. Although its Sp. Attack stat is equally good. Its Sp. Def. stat seems equally good. Stats like those...they simply can't be beat!" so what does that mean?


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If the Judge says 'Stats like those...they simply can't be beat' it means that the Pokemon has 31 IVS in those stats. So,your Froakie has 31 IVs in HP,Defense,Sp.Attack and Sp.Defense. And 'Relatively Superior" means that it has total IVs between 121-150.

Source http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Stats_judge

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thanks, that was a big help. Best Answer! but what does that last part of your answer mean? about the total IVs.
All of it's IVs combined make that total.
oh, thanks! that was fast. what about my Outstanding lvl 1 Fennekin? it has 31 IV in HP and Attack.
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Serebii does have an IV calculator for the new generation. ;)

However, it says that it is 'Relatively Superior'. Despite this, this isn't the highest possible potential a Pokemon can have. It's actually 'Outstanding'.

So, if it's relatively superior it's IV total goes up to somewhere between 121 to 150. :)

Hope I helped. :)
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i didn't notice that! thanks! and i do have an 'Outstanding' Pokemon: my lvl 1 Hidden Ability Fennekin.  Judge says Best Stat is HP, then Attack. should i lvl it up? also, the calculator won't let me choose its Best Stat. like, i can't click on it. lastly. can you give me a quick explanation on how to use the calculator? i'm kinda confused. sorry if i'm asking too much.
1) To level up, uuh sure. xD
2) The IV calculator will calculate all of your IVs, not just one IV. :3
3) You just put in all the details you can. You are allowed to leave certain things out, but the more info you have the better. :3