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I am fairly new to IV breeding and I realize how good a Ditto would be if it had 31 IVs across the board, but is that possible?
I have a few Dittos with 31 IVs in 2 stats from a Friend Safari, but is there a way besides chance (pure luck) to get a Ditto with 31 ivs in more than 2 stats? Thanks!

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You can get a 3IV one from the Friend Safari with fair ease. 2 perfect IVs are guaranteed and the 3rd one is just up to luck.

(I have a 6IV Ditto and I can clone it and give it to you if you want.)

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If you could clone it I would be VERY happy :D I'll also post on your wall to make sure you see it!
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yes a Dtto like every other Pokemon can have 31Ivs in every stat but it´s rare to find these. Search longer and find one but you could also join INstagram GIveaways to have a higher chance to get one.

besides chance
Cloning or hacking no other way to guarantee a high IV ditto without chance